High Altitude Balloons
with LoonHunter

1. Find them with our LoonScanner
2. Wait for a signal from the sky
3. Get in your car and race to the prize!

It's like Geocaching, but in the Sky.

What Is LoonHunter? 

We're a group of enthusiasts launching and chasing high altitude weather balloons, around the world.
We love following them across the globe and collecting them when they fall back to Earth.


Find Balloons with our LoonScanner

Our little portable scanner detects weather balloons,  and specific LoonHunter competition balloons. Use it, paired with your phone, to track and chase balloons as and where they appear. 


Protect the environment

Every day, our government meteorologists have to launch balloons to get weather data. Lets help them clean up the environment!


Join the Loonhunter Leaderboard

Register every balloon you recover, the location you recover it from and its weight and join the LoonHunter leaderboard! 

Preregister for the Next Batch of Loon Scanners

We make 20 at a time and release them to the public. 
Join the Waiting list here

LoonHunter Countdown

Countdown to our next LoonHunter launch from
the Gravity Discovery Centre in Gingin, WA.
There'll be 5 special LoonHunter payloads,
plus the balloon recovery and communication payload.

LoonHunter Competition

Join us at the Artifactory in Osborne Park to be part of the preparations.



Website Launches 8th August 2023
Excited to be promoting our orders now. 

First Successful Balloon Launch
28th January 2023. Go LoonHunter team! 


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