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Individual Projects and
 ICARUS Payloads

Each volunteer has their own interests and each of us is working on a specific technical project using the balloon as a platform,  along with all of us working on the general requirements of balloon launch. 

What do you want to work on? 


Advanced High Altitude Balloon Tracking (Brett)
Expanding on traditional methods of high altitude balloon tracking (GPS, LoRA, APRS, etc) by using ADS-B to improve recovery and reduce conflict with other aircraft.


Two Way Control for Balloon Ascent, Descent and Cutdown (Adrian)
Controlling balloon ascent, descent and float parameters by dumping helium to extend the flight time of balloons and control when and where balloon pops.  


Automated Optical Tracking  (Person NEEDED!)
Tracking of balloon with advanced optical and LoRA directional tracking station. 

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