Join Us for our next launch! 

Loonhunter and Space Club Perth work off a flat structure. We welcome contributions to specific projects that you are interested in as well as general work required to make ICARUS 2 a reality.

 Everyone is expected to bring an aspect of knowledge or resources to bear on the project.

Some of the planning and design skills we need are listed below: 

  1. Electronics Engineering
    Location: Artifactory
    Ownership of electronics ,working on Raspberry Pi hardware and hardware options, Desigining new hardware for teams to use, tracking station electronics, tracking and optical ground station hardware
  2. Radio Engineering
    Location: Artifactory
    Choosing the best radio solutions to track balloons, using hardware and software interfaces and documenting so that others can use, building antennas to track spacecraft and balloons
  3. Software Engineering
    Location: Artifactory
    Troubleshooting existing python, C++ code, Creating new software solutions,Integrating these solutions with existing code

More interested in the launch and the chase than planning and design?

If you're keen on being part of the launch on the day and running the systems we build, there's roles for that too.
They're fast paced, mission critical roles that need speed, troubleshooting skills and reliability.

Check out the below: 

  1. Field Signals Operator
    Location: In the Field
    Manage internet and communications between all team members (Wifi, Mobile, Starlink, CB etc), Operating Equipment in the field to track craft, Relaying data back to Sondehub and the internal team
  2. Balloon Launch Crew
    Location: Launch Site
    Executive prelaunch, launch and post launch run sheet, Establish prediction station to predict balloon path,  Weight final payload and do final prediction checks (lift figure, burst height, flight time etc), Rig payload / Balloon fill / Balloon release, drink beer
  3. Recovery and Transport Coordinator
    Location: In The Field
    Determine chase car setup, Designate chase car teams, Safety kits for chase car teams including communication, water, first aid, food, EPIRB, Determine vehicle suitability for terrain - 4WD / Clearance / Fuel Types

Reach out to talk about roles

Or join us at the Artifactory every second Saturday of the month (Our channel is #spaceclub).

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